On behalf of Ohio School for the Deaf Alumni Association and Columbus Colony's board members, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website.
      Since its inception in 1896, the Ohio School for the Deaf Alumni Association (OSDAA) has provided barrier free communication between hearing and deaf people, social services, church services,  trained staff in sign language and productive daily living.

     OSDAA's efforts include creating and operating both Columbus Colony Housing I and II, 155 independent living apartments, a 150-bed skilled care nursing home named Columbus Colony Elderly Care, and the OSDAA community center. We are committed to providing quality care for all deaf elderly in Ohio and across the nation while enabling residents to fully participate in a productive life.

     Our website will provide you with the history of our organization, calendar of events, festival and convention information, membership updates, and contact information for all of our entities. If you aren't able to find what you need, we encourage you to contact us.

     Thank you for your interest in OSDAA and Columbus Colony

Richard Huebner

OSDAA & Columbus Colony President 

OSDAA Board Members

2013 - 2015

(Left to right): (Officers) President, Richard Huebner; Vice President, Mary Owen; Secretary, John Bradley, Jr.; Treasurer, Howard Snyder. (Members) Steve Ridenour, Bill Noble, Neva Ackroyd, Nancy Efferson, Linda Adams, Brenda Atkinson, Delfina Zeigler